3 Benefits of Car Insurance That You Must Know & Tips for Choosing

Many of us overlook how important car and vehicle insurance are to our busy routines. In fact, no one ever knows when they need insurance coverage, and the best time to have insurance is when we realize we need it. Unwanted things can just happen, and one form of risk mitigation is using insurance. For those of you who don't know and want to recognize the intricacies of car insurance, let's get to know them together!

What is car insurance?

You can choose between two types of car insurance policies, namely TLO, or Total Loss Only, car insurance and All-Risk car insurance. Of course, not only is the name different, the service offered by the two is also different. Want to know the difference? Here is the difference between TLO insurance and All Risk.

TLO Insurance (Total Loss Only)

TLO insurance is car insurance that provides protection for the risk of loss to cars caused by theft. However, this TLO insurance not only covers the risk of theft but also damage. Even so, the cost of repairs can exceed 75% of the price of a new vehicle even before an incident occurs.

Unfortunately, for cars that have minor damage (such as bumper damage and rearview mirrors that are lost or broken), TLO insurance will not provide dependents. As a result, this damage is only borne by the owner of the car.

As mentioned earlier, in addition to TLO car insurance, there is also All-Risk or comprehensive car insurance. This insurance is chosen generally for new car buyers. What distinguishes TLO insurance from All Risk is its service. Instead of just the whole, All Risk car insurance serves the car protection thoroughly, so that minor defects in the car can be covered.

In addition, this type of insurance also serves damage dependents affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods or damage due to riots. 

Car Insurance Benefits

As we know, cars fall into the category of goods with great value. Although the vehicle is a form of primary need for those who have high mobility, vehicle maintenance is enough to make you all spend deeply enough. One solution to mitigate the risk of vehicle ownership is to use insurance, and the benefits of car insurance are as follows:

1. Protection Guarantee

A guarantee of protection is undoubtedly one of the benefits and reasons for and from your car insurance.With insurance, you can breathe a little sigh of relief when things out of your control happen. Insurance provides a guarantee of your car's protection for damage claims that are within the coverage of the insurance service itself. In addition, the claim process can be said to be uncomplicated and take a short time.

2. Avoiding Financial Problems

When damage or things beyond your control happen to your car, of course, this disrupts the stability of your economic condition. If you already have insurance, or decide to have it, your concerns about this will be released because the insurance provider will cover the cost of damages incurred with the agreed terms and conditions.

3. Tranquility

Once you know that car insurance will provide a guarantee of protection at the cost covered by the insurance provider, then this will automatically ease the burden of the mind, letting go of the problem one by one. You don't have to worry about the costs and things that follow when you have car insurance. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Car Insurance

If you already know how car insurance benefits work, this is a good time to start looking for an insurance provider. However, there are some indicators that you must highlight when choosing an insurance provider. 

First, make sure the institution/institution providing insurance is a legal institution and has an appropriate legal basis. 

Second, the credibility and portfolio of the insurance provider can be seen first through testimonials, which are a form of customer satisfaction. 

Third, you need to know what your needs are in detail and what programs the insurance provider provides.

When is the Right Time to Buy Car Insurance?

After knowing the intricacies of car insurance, when is the right time to buy car insurance? As explained earlier, we never knew something would happen to us, including an accident. Car insurance will obviously help you keep your car protected, so you will be calmer.

Instead of thinking too long about when to buy car insurance, why not from now on? The earlier you protect your car with car insurance, the calmer you take your car to the airport.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

Those of you who own a vehicle, whether a car or a motorcycle, can insure it; it's not difficult with t-drive services, you know! Each of these insurances is very affordable, with t-drive starting at 30 USD per month!

With the vision of 'Reaching New Heights', we ensure smart people can be more confident moving forward without worrying about facing various challenges and opportunities for life in the future. It's time to have a car insurance product with Tugu Insurance right now!