College Majors with Highest Salary Graduates: What Are They?

After graduating from college, most of you must have your own ideals and goals, one of which is having a good type of job and a high income. Therefore, majors with promising job prospects need to be chosen at the time of college. So, it would be nice for you to start looking for an overview of it from now on before choosing a college major. Here are some majors that you can choose with the average graduate having a high income.


  • Informatics Engineering

Along with the development of digital technology, graduates from informatics or informatics engineering (IT) in the world of work today are needed. Some sectors in the field of informatics engineering, such as web development, software development, or networking, and so on, can get a fairly high starting salary. A programmer who has just graduated in America can initially earn Rp 919 million per year or around Rp 610 million per year in England. This is based on the results of a 2018 salary survey conducted by NACE, or the National Association of Colleges and Employers.


  • Information Systems

Not only are Informatics Engineering (IT) graduates needed at this time, but graduates from the Information Systems (SI) department are also being sought after by various large companies. Although programming remains the primary focus of this major, But basically, you will also learn about the economics of management and the company's business, with the hope that later you can apply the science of programming according to the needs of the company. Thus, his profession is now much sought after, which, of course, comes with a very fantastic income offer.


  • Medicine

Being a doctor will certainly give you a wide opportunity to earn a high amount of income. In fact, a doctor's salary can reach tens of millions of rupiah per month, even in a private hospital. Especially if you become a specialist. In addition, you can also get additional income by opening your own practice or a clinic. So, it is not surprising that the medical college department is still one of the most popular majors chosen by prospective students in Indonesia. This is also supported by the number of campuses that provide the Faculty of Medicine. There are both public and private campuses.


  • Data Science

Data science is a discipline that will be able to process large amounts of data, and basically, data science is built from the disciplines of mathematics, statistics, and computers. Data processing techniques have become increasingly important with the development of technology, of course. Well, by learning data science, this can help you in the process of data processing. After getting results from analysts, they can later be used as a guideline when making decisions by a company in the future. Therefore, a data scientist has a very important role, so the job opportunities and nominal income that will be achieved are very high.


  • Digital Business

The digital business department is studying businesses developed using digital technology. Students will be taught everything from the marketplace, You can create a start-up in your own field. So, no wonder if you can be paid handsomely because of the importance of this imu.


  • Petroleum Engineering

The world's oil and gas industry is currently struggling, and it is predicted that its future job prospects will decline. However, based on a survey by PayScale in America, graduates of various study programs at the undergraduate level stated that petroleum engineering came first. In addition, petroleum techniques are still recorded as the graduates with the highest income.


  • Architecture

The department of architecture is to learn about the application and principles of engineering to building design and construction. Later, this ability will be very useful in the world of work. The job prospects are also promising, with a fairly high income ranging from being a developer company, consultant, and so on.


  • Chemical Engineering

The department of chemical engineering is learning how to process a raw material into something more chemically useful. In general, companies will provide high salaries and promise enough to employees of these chemical engineering graduates. The job prospects are quite broad, including jobs you can work in such as the food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil processing, and many more.


  • Mechanical Engineering

Nowadays, not only men are embedded in this field, but there are also many women who are interested. Especially in an era that is all-technological and continues to grow rapidly like now, mechanical power will be increasingly needed to run various production processes to be more effective and efficient. So, many companies or machinery industries offer quite high salaries to these graduates.


Those are some of the majors that you can choose with the average graduate having a high income. Of course, choosing the right major and having good job prospects in the future is very important. However, do not let the nominal income figure become the main thing. Because I don't expect you to be successful and get a high salary while you are not interested and only have ordinary skills. In essence, success still depends on your efforts. Therefore, do not forget to always try and improve your achievements in order to enter the dream department.


Good luck. Thank you.