Recommended: 7 Easy Part Time Jobs for Students

Hello, For those of you who are studying and want to fill your time with other activities, one option is to work part-time, also known as side work. Filling leisure activities with useful things will certainly be very useful, especially being able to get extra pocket money. If you have free time, these part-time jobs can be a reference for those of you who want to find activities other than reclining.

1. Tutoring

If you have a passion for teaching, then this job will be very suitable. In this job, you can help younger siblings who are still in school understand certain lessons. The subjects are also diverse, such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, and social sciences, such as economics, which are also in great demand. This job is even more interesting because, in this age of advanced technology, you can teach online.

2. Online Stores

Trading while studying is the right choice for those of you who are still studying. Especially now that transactions can also be done online and with a marketplace that is now increasingly diverse. This certainly provides flexibility for you to get more income.

If you are confused about what items you want to sell, you can also become a dropshipper. This system allows you to trade without having a large amount of capital because there is no need to provide a place and carry out the delivery process. This business model offers goods from supplier to buyer on behalf of the dropshipper, so that it is as if you are the first seller of a product.

3. Online Drivers'

This job is often very much like you meet on the street or even if you are a loyal customer of online motorcycle taxis. No wonder, because currently, online motorcycle taxis are increasingly needed for various purposes and delivering goods. In various cities, you can register as a partner, of course, with the condition that you must have a C driver's license and an adequate vehicle. This job also offers flexibility, so it can be very useful when pursuing the study period.

4. Barista

The rise of the trend of drinking coffee goes hand in hand with the increasing number of cafes that need barista services. If you like and are interested in learning about the world of coffee, then this job that is quite in demand can be your choice to fill your free time.

Usually, each café has its own policy. Some open vacancies for baristas who are already proficient and certified, but there are also cafes that open vacancies for beginners. Therefore, do not hesitate to start a journey in the coffee industry if you are still in the learning stage.

5. Photographer/Videographer

Like in the previous two jobs, if the designer uses the results of drawing and the author uses writing as the fruit of his work, This one job requires a touch of art by utilizing light. This job is suitable for those of you who have a camera and enjoy exploring with it to create beautiful visuals.

Various projects and companies usually need these services for commercial purposes. The object of the photo also varies, from panorama, to model, to food. Therefore, this side job is suitable for you if you are a student who is good at using a camera.

6. Author

With a laptop and an internet connection, you can now earn an income. Nowadays, with the digitization of more and more media and companies, freelance writers are needed. The needs are also different, which, of course, can be adjusted to your interests. For example, the media requires writers with an interest in educational topics, sports, and technology. Later, the tasks that will be given also vary, such as making video scripts, writing articles, academic writing, book reviews, or marketing content.

This job will be perfect for those of you who like to write and are friendly with deadlines. Plus, the habit of writing in lectures while doing tasks is certainly very applicable to this job.

7. Designer

Do you frequently serve on the design committee for campus activities?Your ability to sell this one can generate income as well. More precisely, as a freelance designer. There are various branches that you can work on, such as logo creation and caricature design.

Your adventure as a freelance designer will be summarized into a portfolio that becomes a weapon to look for other projects. If your reputation is getting better as a designer, then it is not impossible that your service rates will also increase.

Well, those are the 7 recommendations for side jobs that can make money for students. interesting instead of going to college while working? Come on, instead of continuing to be confused, it is better to increase self-exploration by starting to try to do interesting part-time work, which, of course, can increase the contents of the bag as well. However, keep in mind that the priority of learning should not be forgotten. Good luck!