15 Easy Tips to Manage Personal Finances with a Small Salary

Small income is indeed a challenge for those of you who want to manage your finances. However, don't let this get in the way of your goal of saving and making the most of your budget!

Let's ignore debt or credit card swipes. As it turns out, there are lots of creative solutions that can really help your goals. Curious about anything? Come on, follow these 15 ways to manage personal finances with the following small salary!

1.Free yourself from debt

Debt can be an obstacle to achieving financial goals. Regular debt installments can even make you have no money to save until the end of the month. Instead, prioritize the obligation to pay debts—while still paying attention to your basic needs.

2. Lower housing costs

It can be said that the cost of housing is one of the biggest routine expenses that a person has to prepare for. However, there is a trick to get around this. First, move the location to an area far from the city center. Second, you can move to a smaller house or apartment at a lower price. Third, if you have extra space at home, it never hurts to rent it out to someone else.

3. Reduce spending with coupons, vouchers, cashback, or discount codes

Every time you want to shop, both online and offline, find out the promos where you shop. When shopping online, try visiting special promo sites or looking for the promo tab in the intended store or marketplace. Meanwhile, if you are shopping offline, always check the promo information, which is usually near the price tag on the product shelf.

4. Offer unused items for sale

When free, try to rummage around the house. Who knows, there may be items that can be donated or even sold—as long as they're still in pretty good condition. At the very least, money from one or two items sold could go into the piggy bank!

5. Purchase used goods

Buying goods does not always have to be new. Moreover, almost all products can be purchased in used condition, from bicycles, toys, and clothes to kitchen utensils. Buying used goods is not only a way to manage personal finances with a small salary, but also a way to save money when an emergency comes.

6. More walking

To manage personal finances, reducing the budget for transportation can be very profitable. Going to the market or supermarket close to home just to buy some products? Just walk. There is no need to take out a motorcycle or car, especially if the goal is just to look around or not buy anything.

7. Downgrade your technology

Have a super-fast PC or laptop, but only to do basic tasks? Always changing your smartphone to the latest version but with a lot of unused features? Let's learn to understand what you really need. If it can be downgraded, why not?

8. Visit the library

Libraries are a great source of entertainment. If the budget is mediocre to buy books, there's nothing wrong with reading while looking for peace in the library.

9. Look after your health

Sickness can make expenses increase. Therefore, take care of your health by exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and getting enough rest from now on.

10. Switch banks

The way to manage personal finances with a small salary is to move banks. What does that mean? Look for a bank that cuts administration fees the least, or even one that is free of charge.

11. Look for low-cost or free entertainment

Who says entertainment is expensive? You can save money by learning to cook with your partner, entering a museum without a ticket, or going for a hike.

12. Choose the best payment method

Sometimes the stores you visit, both online and offline, have promos for certain types of payments. For example, cashback by paying via digital wallet or discounts for certain debit card payments.

13. Discontinue membership

Sign up for a gym membership or stream videos and movies, but rarely use it? Better stop. Paying once when you really need it turns out to be more economical, too.

14 Purchase groceries online

If there is a store near you that provides online ordering and free shipping, consider it. You can save without having to shop outside!

15. Avoid wasting time away from home

Get out of the house to waste money? Don't, okay? For example, as much as possible, try to eat dinner at home instead of going to a restaurant.

Who would have thought that managing personal finances with a small salary could be this much work? Apparently, a mediocre income is not a barrier to meeting needs as well as saving. Indeed, getting started is not easy. However, it's still not impossible to implement.